Thank you Stan Reimgen for your thoughtful response and provocation. Facebook is an amazing and flexible employer. If I had the energy, they would 100% support me to integrate coaching even more so into my days. Facebook has supported me in many efforts including coaching women in tech around the company and establishing mentorship circles for senior female designers. And these accomplishments also counted in my performance review and weren’t simply an “extra.” So I definitely want to represent the company accurately.

At the same time, you’re right that there isn’t as clear of a sustainable working culture in tech companies. Many offer autonomy & flexibility — set your own hours, work from home, just get your work done. Right now, the tech landscape that I know still demands performance and impact. I believe that things are changing, and I will help my colleagues, friends, and clients find each of their own right paths through it. I’m eager to continue the conversation!

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Leadership coach & champion of difficult people; designer of human experiences; ex-Facebook; surfer, traveller, mom;

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