2021 Year in Books

Tutti Taygerly
4 min readJan 1, 2022
Row 1 of books: The Midnight Library, Circe, Know My Name, Mother Daughter Me, Row 2 of books: Humor Seriously, The Memo, Unwinding Anxiety, Untangled

This was a slower reading year for me. 55 books broken down by fiction (31), nonfiction leadership & parenting (12) and memoirs (11). Some interesting patterns that I saw from this year:

  • I was over leadership books after overdosing on them in 2020. Instead, I followed my own pain-points and struggles for the 12 that I consumed. Since I spent a lot of the year writing a leadership book, I also didn’t feel like both consuming & creating in the same genre.
  • Fiction is a lovely escape for me. Many of these were children’s series recommended by my 10 year old. Plus a fantasy interlude through the Bridgerton series.
  • I’m obsessed with memoirs. For a long time, I thought my second book would be memoir. While I’ve since reconsidered that, I’ll continue to be obsessed with memoirs over the coming years while my own continues to marinate.

These 8 are the most memorable books of the year for me. I hope that you’ll also enjoy them.


The Midnight Library is a book that I wish I’d written and has all my favorite elements—mysticism, a troubled heroine faced with infinite choice, and a magical library that lets you dip in and out of different books representing different lives.

Circe, my fave book choice from my feminist book club, shares the backstory of a woman best known for turning sailors into pigs and distracting Odysseus from his return home. It’s a story of an immortal’s transformation from her childhood as the least love child of a Titan through her own reckoning as a powerful and compassionate witch and mother.


Chanel Miller was the unnamed Stanford assault victim who wrote a powerful letter to her attacker and then shared her story with the world. The book was traumatic and shows the healing power of both art and storytelling. I was also pleasantly surprised to learn that like my kids, Chanel Miller is bi-racial.



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